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remnant 44: “I make my own announcements. Into the garbage can, so it echoes.”

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What time is it right now? Do you have to go?

Yeah. It’s time for announcements.

I make my own announcements. Into the garbage can, so it echoes.


I tell myself to come to the office.


Then I pace in circles, waiting for me to show up. I wait and I wait, you know. I wait and I wait in the office, she said, but me never comes. (p. 188)

Titus and Violet, Feed, M. T. Anderson

Feed, M.T. Anderson

See Adam Bessie’s School ™: Resist the Feed, Feed the Resistance:

While many have commented on how accurate the 11-year old Feed is in its predictions of social networking and mobile technology, its dire predictions on the corporatization of education are no less accurate – and certainly, no less frightening.  Published in the same year as the No Child Left Behind was implemented, Feed takes Friedman’s anti-government belief on education to its logical conclusion: that of a corporate monopoly on our children’s minds.

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